10 Black Friday Fights & Fails To Get Pumped For Carnage!

Think of Black Friday sales like social Darwinism. It’s survival of the fittest – and those who walk away with the cheapest flat screen TV – move up the food chain. Or maybe the complete opposite is true?

In a few years, Black Friday sales will vanish when people realize that you can buy things online – and you don’t have to camp out all night in front of a Walmart. Then there will be Cyber Monday fights with malware instead of fist punching.  Since Black Friday is just around the corner – let’s chart some more horrible people punching each other in the face over saving $5 on headphones.

Fight in the Food Court

Sure this fight is taking place on Black Friday – probably over saving a few bucks on a toaster oven.

Walmart Black Friday Fight

Good buildup of suspense with this Black Friday brawl video – for some reason I thought this was going to have a happy ending. Wrong.

Black Friday Potpourri

This video has it all – women fighting. Someone screaming, “You’re scaring me!” People getting violent while grabbing boxes. USA! USA! USA!

Shopper vs. Shopper

Here’s a complete rundown on why the terrorists hate us.

Zombie Uprising

All I could think of while watching this Black Friday video is –this is what it must be like hours before the zombie uprising begins. Run! Run! Run!

Who Gets the TV?

I think this Black Friday brawl video is even creepier without sound. This is what it will be like the day after our new President has the nuclear codes.

Stand In Line

Why didn’t these people just stand in line like they were told? What was on sale here for Black Friday? Meth?

Chaos at the Kmart

Instead of tablets for $29 – you’d think they were grabbing for food on the first days of a world famine.

Black Friday Bargain Brawl

Remember, this all takes place on Thanksgiving Eve……

Fight! Fight! Fight Compilation

Enjoy your turkey this Thanksgiving – and be very thankful that you’re not any of these people.


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