11 Bizarre (And Often Disgusting) Items Uber Drivers Have Found In Their Car

Being an Uber driver can seem like a pretty relaxed job. You’re really your own boss, can set your own hours and just chill out in your car all day. But it’s the part when the ride ends and your customer has left is when it could get weird, especially after you find all of the random stuff they were carrying left in your back seat.

Here’s a list of some of the more random items an Uber driver has had to remove from their car and report to their company (or just throw away out of annoyance).

1. A Used Shaving Razor

Thanks for putting your stubble on the floor mats.

2. A Ball Of Chewed Gum (Bonus: stuffed into the back of a drink holder)

Not what the driver was thinking of in terms of a tip.

3. A Walker

A miracle must’ve happened.

4. A Garbage Bag Full Of Unopened Beer

One of the better items on this list. Who doesn’t love free beer?!

5. $500 Bucks

You think the driver actually found $600 bucks?

6. A Stack Of Spanish Records

Finding some sweet vinyl can be pretty cool…if you can understand the language that is.

7. A Jug of Crisco Oil


Someone showed up to their porn shoot party empty handed.


Finding an R. Kelly 8-track would’ve been less weird than finding a cassette.

9. Someone’s Urine

And you thought body odor left a bad smell in a car.

10. Someone’s Blood

Burn it. Just burn it.

Probably time to find a new gig.

sources: Mandatory, Uber People, NY Daily News, Reddit

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