An ‘Aquaman’ Crew Member Was Stabbed At The Wrap Party



Aquaman just finished filming in Canada, and outside the bar wrap party, a crew member was stabbed.  The banner pic is Jason Momoa. He plays Aquaman. I assume this is fake blood and not from a real stabbing. Just thought it went well with the post. An artistic choice, if you will.

CBC News has learned that the man was attacked from behind by someone with a knife last Friday on George Street, a popular tourist area known for its bars and pubs. A Mount Pearl man, 22, has been charged with aggravated assault and assault with a weapon.

Here’s how it went down. Hint: Like all 95% of all bar stabbings go down.

Reports say the man was speaking with some women when a young man approached him and was confrontational. Their tense conversation simmered down and the young man moved on. Later in the evening the same young man approached him and picked a fight. He was then attacked from behind by a second young man with a knife, CBC News has learned. He was taken to hospital, treated and released.

A bunch of women, a dude talking to them, and another dude who wishes he was talking to them then getting mad and telling his friends the dude had to die. Tale as old as time. Not sure what’s going on in Canada though. Stabbing somebody in back? In America, we’ll walk up to you with more bullets than we needs and shoot you while staring at you. This is why we’re the best.


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