Angry Star Wars Fans Petition to Have Rotten Tomatoes Shut Down

The Last Jedi continues to be divisive amongst Star Wars fans and a new petition has been started to get rid of Rotten Tomatoes for their flawed reviewing system because of it. There has been a lot of talk about the critic scores vs. the fan scores on the site, with critics standing behind Rian Johnson’s fresh take on the Star Wars universe and the majority of fans hating on the movie. While The Last Jedi continues to divide the fan base, the movie is still cranking at the box office, even after a 77% percent drop from opening weekend, which is the worst drop off in the franchise’s long history.

The Last Jedi currently has a 91% critical rating while the user rating is at 52%, making it the lowest rated Star Wars movie on the site. Even The Phantom Menace has a user score of 59% and Attack of the Clones has a 57%. While the prequel numbers are pretty similar in terms of critic and user scores, the latest movies show quite a big gap. Users are giving The Last Jedi an F grade and critics are giving it an A grade, so which is it? Are the critics scoring the movies to appease the studios?

Andre Gomes from Poland started a new petition to get Rotten Tomatoes shut down for having a deeply flawed audience and critical aggregate system. According to Gomes, Rotten Tomatoes skews movie scores in favor of “Disney blockbuster movies,” which include The Last Jedi, rather than non-Disney films. Because Gomes sees the site as “a very flawed aggregate rating and broken system,” he’s calling on others to sign his petition and, as of this writing, the petition has over 400 signatures. This is a cry that has been heard before, but this is the first petition that has been started to shut down the popular site.

The petition argues that the critic score for The Last Jedi should be much lower due to the user scores being so low. This is a trend that has continued since the release of the movie. Some Star Wars fans have even started another petition to have Rian Johnson’s vision taken out of the official canon because they believe that the movie is not true to the rest of the franchise. Rotten Tomatoes has come under fire for reportedly allowing bots and multiple accounts to write bad reviews for the movie, a claim that the site denies, saying that the user score for The Last Jedi is real.

The Last Jedi is continuing to send shockwaves all over the Star Wars universe and its reverberations are now being felt at Rotten Tomatoes for at least the second time in less than a month. However, the petitions are not going to stop The Last Jedi from being included in the official Star Wars canon and this current petition is not going to shut down Rotten Tomatoes or change their system, but these petitions will keep popping up. You can read more about Andre Gomes’ plea to shut down Rotten Tomatoes and possibly join his crusade via

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