Are The Los Angeles Clippers Actually Cursed?

Blake Griffin, Chris Paul

The Los Angeles Clippers might be the victims of a sports curse. The kind typically found in the baseball community. Sure, the Clippers didn’t trade Babe Ruth but they do seem to have unreasonably bad luck. 

The curse is one of those things that’s been joked about for years as the cause of the Clippers being generally terrible. However, Monday night Clippers power forward Blake Griffin and point guard Chris Paul both suffered injuries in a Game 4 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers. Both left for the locker room at the same time. Griffin returned but Paul broke his hand. 

Paul is thought to have gotten hurt on this play. 

Griffin said he got hurt when he was fouled by Portland big man Mason Plumlee. Griffin and Plumlee had been bullying each other throughout the series. The power forward injured his quad tendon, which had been causing him problems since December. Earlier in the season, Griffin punched the team assistant equipment manager multiple times at an upscale Toronto restaurant called Sotto Sotto. Griffin was out for weeks with a broken hand he suffered in the freak incident. He literally just got back in the game. 

With the return of Griffin and Warriors guard Steph Curry out for the next two weeks with a knee injury, the team looked pretty secure.

Then, two of the starting five had their postseasons ended within minutes of each other. 

Coach Doc Rivers denies his team is cursed but he’s been more warm to the idea in previous seasons.

Via ESPN’s Arash Markazi: “Is it the Billy Goat? I don’t know what it is. Babe Ruth never played for us. We didn’t trade him. There’s no jinx there. I don’t know. It’s bum’s luck three years in a row. What can you do? All you can do is keep going. This one was worse than all of them by far basketball-wise. Socially, you can make the case the other one was. I get down for like five minutes and I was last night but you wake up in the morning and you feel like we’re going to find a way and it’s my job to get them to feel like I feel and if we do that I think we’ll have a fighting chance.”

Last year, Griffin dismissed the curse theory as the root of the team’s misfortune

“The Clipper curse when I first got here was No. 1 picks getting hurt, not working out; their draft picks not working out, not making the playoffs, not having winning seasons,” Griffin said. “No one talked about not getting past the second round. Not a single soul talked about that, but now, that’s what everybody talks about. Just like the last one, we’re going to bust through this one.”

The Internet isn’t at all convinced one team can suffer such a series of unfortunate events. The Clippers have been a force each and every year since Paul was traded to join Griffin and DeAndre Jordan in Los Angeles. 

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