Artist Charged For Obscenity After Creating Adorable "Vagina Figures"

If you thought America’s first amendment rights were more than a little unfair at times, check out this story of Megumi Igarashi’s “pop figures” designed after her very own (and apparently lovely) vagina. Japanese authorities had deemed the adorable figures indecent and obscene but once you look at these things you can’t help but think of flowers and petals rather than vaginas.

Note: If your vagina has a face and it’s screaming, you might want to go see a doctor.

Japan is notorious for being more than a little sensitive when it comes to what its citizens are allowed to look at especially anything deemed pornographic so they were not ready to let Igarashi’s vagina figures slide by so easily. However in what many call a historic ruling, Tokyo courts have deemed that Igarashi’s figures are NOT obscene, allowing the artist to continue making them and keeping them on display. Hey, this court hearing is not only a win, but great for business!

The weird thing about Japanese culture is how much they honor the male genitalia and prohibit anything resembling female genitalia in public. In fact, Japan has a damn penis festival every year, yet this poor woman can’t apparently make tiny vagina figures in peace.

So luckily this might be a step in the right direction for Japanese citizens to be able to express themselves a bit more freely, don’t you think? However Igarashi wasn’t totally let off the hook. She was found guilty of distributing images digitally of her own vagina. So where was she sending images of her vagina? Simply to get a mold of them made for a “vagina kayak“, which you might remember us reporting on in 2014 when her arrest initially happened. At the end of the hearing, she walked away with a $3,400 fine which isn’t bad considering how much the Japanese government could’ve punished the artist. Today was a big win for art and a big win for vaginas, people!

Igarashi and her famed vagina kayak.

Long story short, be thankful you live in America where you can create and enjoy vagina figures and kayaks all the live long day.

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