Break Poll: Should Colorado Have Passed A Tighter Rolling Coal Law?

If you have never heard of “Rolling Coal” buckle up, because you are in for a treat. This fun fad features owners of diesel trucks modifying their engines in order to purposely produce large clouds of black smoke in the air. It’s like truck vaping for people who want to piss off environmentalists. The Colorado State senate just blocked passage of a stricter law that would have made it easier for law enforcement to crack down on the practice. They love making all kinds of smoke in Colorado!

Nobody tell him about the new Tesla.

Since pollution doesn’t kill, Rollin’ coal enthusiasts have found a great new spa treatment for their skin.

Rolling Coal is the “Open Carry” of the anti-environmentalism movement. These guys proudly take their hatred of Prius driving, liberal hippies to the extreme and walk the walk as well as roll the coal to show it. This often involves pulling up next to some whiny hybrid car owner or even better, a bicyclist and discharging a beautiful black cloud of smoke right in their smug face. While the coal rollers get a good LOL out of the whole thing, some point out that this is considered “assault.”

Watch video of Rolling Coal in action:

The current law on the Colorado books says that in order to ticket a coal roller an officer must personally see it happen for at least 5 seconds and be trained to discern the opacity of the smoke. The new law that the patriotic freedom loving lawmakers rejected would have made it a “misdemeanor to blow smoke out of your tailpipe in a way that would make a reasonable person feel harassed or annoyed.”

Something tells me this debate is going to take care of itself.

Had they passed the coal rollers would face a “steep” $35 fine and potentially two points on their license. I guess freedom isn’t free. The good news is for now anyone who ever watched an episode of Captain Planet and rooted for the villain to stick it to those annoying 90’s liberals, Rolling Coal continues to be sweet and easy revenge.

This guy double parks and there is nothing you can do about it.

They consider it a vehicular protest against the tyranny of the EPA and the Al Gores of the world who want to squash their God given right to burn rubber and any other substances they wish to dispel into the atmosphere. These guys put the M in ‘Merica Fuck Yeah! However some total pussies like Democratic Sen. John Kefalas say, “Blowing thick black smoke from exhaust pipes is a serious public nuisance.”

The neighbors love these guys.

Luckily for the Coal Rolling Community Republican Sen. Mark Scheffel put this anti coal business to bed saying; “It feels like we’re passing legislation bringing to bear the full power of this building and this body to pass a law targeted at youth that are engaged in a fad.”

Which brings us to our Break Poll! What do you think?


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