Break Poll: Would You?! Dren The Mutant Girl From Splice?

For today in our column “Would Ya?!” we ask: would you get busy with Dren, the mutant girl from Splice? She has claw-like feet, wings, a tail and is amphibious, with a really sweet smile.

She is a member of the Splice Girls! Sorry. I’m truly sorry.

Do you remember the 2009 sci-fi horror flick Splice? No? You’re not alone since the $30 million dollar movie only made $26 million at the box office. While the movie wasn’t a hit, it made bit of a splash for dudes into hybrid half human- half animal genetic mutant chicks. Adrien Brody answered this quandary with a resounding YES.

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. Oh god!

On top of having hot steamy sex with the ultimate but-her-body, Brody’s character must wrestle with the fact that he is sort of a father figure to the age accelerated mutant girl he helped create in a lab with this wife. So while he totally gives her the old “Woody Allen” luckily in our fun scenario, you don’t have such problems.

Pro tip: While watching the movie it is still OK to enjoy looking at her boobs since they are real boobs and mutants are not a thing. 

We simply present this question to you as a straight up or down yes or no vote: Would Ya?! Take the Break Poll:


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