Cable Meets His Creator in New Deadpool 2 Set Photo

Deadpool 2 is easily going to be one of 2017’s biggest movies. Set for a summer release next year, the movie is finally introducing X-Men and X-Force fan favorite mutant Cable, who will play second fiddle to Ryan Wilson’s Wade Wilson. Josh Brolin is bringing this time traveler to life. And while we’ve seen him in costume before, today we get a look at Brolin in character, as Cable meets his comic book creator Rob Liefeld.

Rob Liefeld created many characters for Marvel, specifically presented in the pages of X-Men. And now, he gets to watch as an actor breaths life into his art. Here’s what Liefeld had to say about meeting Cable for the first time.

“CABLE!! Say what?? I’m going to actually meet him in the flesh and blood(and steel coils)?? And, oh, by the way, he’s one of your favorite and one of the most talented actors of all space and time! Yeah, I dare you to try and meet one of your own creations and not get umpteen butterflies in your stomach. I don’t remember anything that was said here besides me thinking “I’m meeting CABLE!! HOW AWESOME IS THIS?!?!” Mr. Josh Brolin could not be more perfect in this role. He is amazing and outstanding and you will no doubt be as giddy as I was when watching him portray Cable. His commitment to becoming Cable goes beyond his physical transformation, he found the voice that fans will go crazy about! Ryan as Deadpool and Josh as Cable. Look out World this is going to be nuts!”

That’s some high praise coming from Rob Liefeld for Josh Brolin. And thus far, we’ve heard nothing but great things. The Deadpool 2 trailer is expected to drop before the end of the year. And we’re sure Brolin’s Cable will be taking center stage in the first look footage, alongside his on-screen girlfriend Zazie Beetz as Domino. The pair were recently seen sitting down to enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner with Deadpool in a special poster released as part of Good Housekeeping’s annual Holiday issued.

After Rob Liefeld met his creation come to life, he shared an old page out of Marvel comics, which was set up to introduce some of his new characters. Among them is the first ever look fans got at Cable, long before ever seeing him in battle. He is seen in Volume 4 of the Mutant Report, the ‘next step in news evolution’. Alongside Cable we also see other Liefeld creations such as Cougar, who is half man half cat. Leifeld goes onto say this.

“Marvel was so excited with all the new characters that I was providing them that they ran multiple features over several months documenting their arrival! Marvel Age #83, 1989! Here is where the world first met cable.”

You can check out all of Rob Liefeld’s creations in the Instagram photos he shared, which we’ve embedded below. Deadpool 2 will be in theaters next year, and it promises to be something quite special. With Disney threatening to buy Fox, it could be the last R rated Deadpool movie we ever see. So enjoy it while you can.

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