Chun-Li From Street Fighter Has A Real-Life Doppelganger With Even Bigger Thighs

Natascha Encinosa became an overnight Instagram sensation thanks in no small part to her jaw-dropping thigh muscles, which have earned her an apt comparison to Street Fighter’s Chun Li. However, Encinosa has revealed that her 184,000 followers and counting can get a little “creepy” at times, especially due to an overwhelming amount of men who want to experience her iron thighs up close and personal.

“By far the most common fan request is for me to crush their heads between my thighs,” she told MailOnline in an interview. “I don’t really understand why.”

The 20-year-old, whose thighs have a whopping 26-inch circumference and are individually almost wider than her waist, credits a rigorous gym routine for granting her an attention-grabbing physique. Encinosa claims that she first became interested in fitness at age 14 due to an unrequited love.

“I had always been overweight as a girl and I got dumped for being fat,” she said. “That was what inspired me to get into the gym.” Encinosa claims to spend up to two hours a day at the gym, five days a week, honing her quads.

According to Encinosa, her uncanny resemblance to the Street Fighter femme fatale is both the source of her fame and a point of pride. “By saying I was the real-life Chun-Li, the photo shoot went viral,” she said. “I think it’s funny because I used to play Street Fighter as a kid and she was my favorite character.”

Encinosa even plans to set up a photo shoot with her dressed as Chun Li. “It’s definitely in the works, the fans are extremely eager to see me in Cosplay,” she said. “There’s no exact date set, but it will hopefully be soon.”

By day, Encinosa works as a social media coordinator for Auboom Media, but she has also found success in modeling and has inspired a legion of women to up their fitness game as a result of her personal social media presence.


Source: Daily Mail
Photos: Instagram

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