College President In Trouble With Blue-Collar Community Over Halloween Costume

February may seem pretty far away from October for the rest of us, but to the Outrage Machine™ it’s never too late to get excessively mad over what amounts to a stupid life decision. In today’s case we have Adams State University president Beverlee McClure on one side…

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…and on the opposing side we have all the people who got riled up over her Halloween costume:

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That’s right – this went down almost four months ago. And it’s not even bad. As in, dressing up as white trash has become a time honored tradition for other white people who think it’s funny to throw PBR-themed parties. Yet the snowflakes at ASU can’t seem to take what amounts to a stupid costume, leading to McClure’s suspension.

To be fair, the Denver Post reports that the costume was simply the “last straw,” as she’d also been accused of bullying faculty and staff, as well as “failing to stem declining student enrollment.”

But maybe I’m being insensitive. Former faculty member Danny Ledonne said McClure’s costume “showed her contempt for the working people in the community in Alamosa, which is very blue-collar and working class.”

“But that is McClure,” he continued. “She cultivated this campus culture of bullying and backstabbing, and anyone who didn’t agree with her or her group were thrown under the bus.”

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While McClure claims that her critics are just sexist, some faculty went so far to say that they were too afraid to give their names during interviews for fear of revenge:

“Her people skills are awful because she is vindictive, hyper-sensitive to criticism, and just plain mean. She mocks people less fortunate than herself, like a waitperson with a stutter” one anonymous faculty member stated.

Regardless of whether or not McClure is a bully, it all goes back to her costume. Is it, or is it not offensive to blue-collar workers? If she wore the same costume but lived in a more white-collar community would people be saying the same thing? Have we arrived at a point in history where we’re not even allowed to make fun of ourselves?

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