Conspiracy Corner: Evidence Of A Time Traveler At A 1995 Mike Tyson Fight?!

A while back the internet claimed that a woman in a Charlie Chaplin newsreel from the 1920’s was seen holding a cell phone. Now there is more concrete evidence of cell phone using time travelers. A ringside boxing fan can be seen holding a “smart phone” to record the legendary Mike Tyson fight held in Las Vegas in 1995.

In the above screen grab you can clearly see someone who appears to be taking video of the fight between Tyson and Peter McNeeley. While apparently they have the technology for a time travel machine, they still take VERTICAL FRICKIN’ VIDEOS!  

This is a full five years before the first cell phone with a built-in camera was ever released to the public in the year 2000 and almost 12 years before the sight of crowds holding up smart phones at public gatherings was a common occurrence. The device appears to be slender with a smart phone style lens. This odd anachronism was first brought to our attention by Youtube user JammyBantam and has since started lots of debate on conspiracy websites that want to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Some people might ask why would a time traveler go to all that trouble to go back in time, hide this fact and then make such an obvious error as using a “futuristic” device? However, in defense of this time travel fail I argue if you are a time traveler from the distant future, mixing up the technology that we have in the year 2016 and the year 1995 is understandable. Maybe this time traveler thought they would blend in with the locals by recording the historical boxing match with “technology of the time” only they got their info mixed up. Do you really know the difference between a horse and buggy from 1885 and one from 1865? There could have been a lot of upgrades!

Some folks want to throw cold water on our time travel fun and point out that there were some digital cameras in 1995. While rare, the culprit may in fact be a Casio V100 which seems to match the device used during the Tyson fight. It’s safe to say that an affluent person attending the boxing match of the year, sitting in what appears to be the second or third row of seats would come armed with the latest and greatest, top of the line, newfangled digital camera. Or as I like to believe, it was a mixed up time traveling boxing fan who grabbed the wrong camera from the museum as they jumped in the DeLorean.

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