Court Says Tinder User Cannot Take 20 Years Off His Age

Photo: ROLAND HEITINK / Contributor (Getty Images)

They say age is just a number. According to Dutch motivational speaker Emile Ratelband, it’s an important one. He filed a petition in court to legally change his age from 69 to 49, claiming that it would help him…on Tinder (yes, really).

Ratelband wanted to roll the clock back 20 years in order to better match with younger women. What he’d do once they saw him as one of the oldest-looking 49-year-olds around is another discussion entirely.

In the suit, he claimed that the lower number would allow him to drive a new car (what?), take on more work (huh?), and buy a new house (how?). With age being such a powerful motivator, it’s no wonder he wants to roll back the years.

While the courts denied his suit, he is already planning to appeal. As they say, if you can’t lie about your age, try and try again. While he prepares an appeal,  we are hard at work petitioning the court to legally identify us as millionaires.

Money’s just another number, right?

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