Crazy Wife Gives Husband Sign To Wear For His First Trip Away From Her

“Where would I be without my wife” is a saying we’ve heard many times but Kim Gip, wife to Jim Gip (Kim and Jim Gip sounds like a rap duo) is taking this saying literally because she made a sign for her husband to wear during his first trip without her. The image was taken by their son Brandon during the security check point at the airport and has gone viral since he posted it to Twitter. Usually it’s parents embarrassing their kids! Brandon must’ve seen his dad pull the sign out of his luggage while giving a verbal “What the f*ck is that?”, having to photograph it to make sure he didn’t imagine the damn thing.

It’s one thing to see your mom scold your dad in public but it’s another to see that he actually took the time to pack a sign that your mom made him because he has the apparent brain of a two-year-old. Or so some think. Poor bastard.

This is one of those “oh, it’s obviously just a joke on the wife’s part” kind of stories but…is it? Is it really? I mean…she put her phone number for pete’s sakes.

Along with the photo, Brandon wrote the message “My mom made this for my dad because he’s going to Vegas this weekend without her.” A friend of Jim posted a photo of the husband actually wearing the necklace in a restaurant. Thank God he was wearing it, the man can’t order food for himself.

Of course the son didn’t comment on the fact that this was actually made as a joke or not, which tells us that this was actually the work of a woman who does not trust her husband to do more for himself other than wiping his butt. Come to think of it, better put that on the list; “If my husband is squirming in his chair with a look on his face like he was asked to recite the Gettysburg Address, remind him to wipe his butt.”

The question for YOU though is how in love would you have to be in order for you to wear a reminder sign like this one?

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