Cute Baltimore Teacher Admits To Filming Sex Tape With Student

25-year-old Ekatherine Pappas is not smart.

You probably could’ve guessed that from the fact that she was a teacher in Baltimore, the public school armpit of the East Coast – but somehow, some way, she managed to surpass all of our rock-bottom expectations by doing something even dumber than willingly signing up to live in Bawlmer:

She fucked a student.

But as Billy Mays used to say…

…because Ekatherine not only fucked a student, but she also videotaped herself doing so.

According to Daily Mail, Ekatherine, whose name is pissing me off because putting an “E” at the beginning of “Katherine” doesn’t make you any more special than all the other Katherine’s out there, pleaded guilty back in June to three misdemeanor counts of sexual offense against a student. She was originally going up against a few felony charges as well, but the prosecutors in Charm City have bigger fish to fry than some dingbat teacher with an overactive wet puss. Ever seen The Wire?

Ekatherine is barely a “ping” on the radar.

Rumors about Ekatherine’s sexual relationship with the unnamed 16-year-old student first surfaced after a video of the two having sex began circulating around Franklin High School in early January. The same day that a school resource officer saw a copy of the video on another student’s phone, Ekatherine fled to Colombia. Continuing her streak of stupidity, she returned to the US a few weeks later and was immediately arrested at the airport.

Bizarrely enough, Ekatherine had only been a teacher at Franklin High for a month before she became involved with the student, which leads me to believe that:

  1. That is one HOT student!
  2. Ekatherine has a predilection for young boys
  3. Ekatherine has got some seriously untended daddy issues
  4. Both B and C

Since I’m not a pervert, we’re gonna go with D. Besides, D makes the most sense considering that she asked the poor kid to cut class on two separate occasions – December 21st and 22nd – so that she could drive him to his house to have sex. Nothing says “I’m a statutory rapist and/or pedophile” like banging a kid in their own home, surrounded by childhood photos and memorabilia.

After her arrest at the airport, Ekatherine was sentenced to three years in prison, however she was lucky enough that the judge suspended all but one year and one day of her sentence. Rape a student? One year in prison. Get caught with weed in the Midwest? Get ready to go fuck yourself for 5+ years.

What a world we live in.

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