Cute High School Teacher Arrested For Alleged Oral Sex With Student

Most people aren’t careful with their social media. And why should they be? Joe Schmo out in Nowhereville, Arkansas isn’t concerned about his dedicated “My Little Pony” fan-Instagram account going viral, nor would he ever think in a million years that this photo would be seen by anyone outside of his 12 followers:

And to be honest, Joe probably isn’t in danger of having his extracurricular children’s television show obsession being exposed. You and I could spend all day uploading nude photos of ourselves in a truck bed filled with PEZ dispensers and crunchy beef tacos and not a single person on Instagram would care unless we got caught up in a scandal that makes the photos ironic.

Enter: 29-year-old Dori Myers, a high school teacher accused of having oral sex with an underage student who had this unfortunate photo on her Facebook when the story hit.

Whiskey makes me frisky too, but fortunately for the middle school located ~100 yards from my front door I have some self control.

According to NY Daily News, Myers was a teacher at the New School for Leadership and the Arts in Kingsbridge, New York prior to finding new infamy as yet another teacher who (allegedly) had sexual contact with one of her students. Myers reportedly began working at the school in 2014, however it wasn’t until late 2017 that allegations arose that she had come into sexual contact with an unnamed student – the student reportedly told a classmate about what happened, followed by said classmate alerting the principal, who then contacted the police.

While details of the actual encounter are so far scarce, one of Myers’ neighbors described her as a “sweet girl” and commented that the allegations were surprising. Defense attorney Andrew Stoll had similar input, stating that she not only started the school’s track team but had also regularly worked long hours. “It sounds like no good deed goes unpunished,” he explained. “You reach out to make yourself available to kids, and the next thing you know, a single accusation can destroy your career.”

Myers was eventually released without bail after entering a plea of “not guilty” to a single count of criminal sexual act and endangering the welfare of a child. She has since been slapped with a 30-day order of protection requiring her to avoid the victim as she waits for her next day in court.


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