Dating Site Pairs Canadians With Liberals Fleeing President Trump’s America!

You may have heard a few frightened cupcakes say “If Donald Trump becomes president then I’m moving to Canada!” Well now a dating website is helping these little snowflakes meet some likeminded maple leaves.  is a website that claims it:

” …makes it easy for Americans to find the ideal Canadian partner to save them from the unfathomable horror of a Trump presidency.”

Someone is going to make lawsuits great again if Donald sees that trademark infringement.

It sounds like some Americans are going to head off to Quebec where they will feel more comfortable with socialized medicine, police state guns laws and Poutine! Good riddance, if you can’t eat the Trump steaks, get your ass out of the kitchen! Maple Match will help them meet a nice Canadian gal or guy to get them legal status with their very own Canadian “anchor baby!”  

There are no dating profiles just yet, but you can sign up for a “waitlist” to be part of the site. Supposedly ten thousand singles have signed up already according to the site’s Chief Executive, Joe Goldman. Part of me thinks this might be a genius ploy by The Donald and his people to trick Dems into signing up for the Trump Campaign Newsletter. Instead of getting hockey sticks and moose droppings they are going to get schooled on how to build a magnificent border wall! Too bad Canada didn’t think to build one of those first, now they are going to be flooded with American hipster refugees. Better stock up on neck beard trimmers!

Only losers date on the Internet. Sad!

Although I’m not sure how much good fleeing to Canada is going to be for these whiny liberal love birds. President Trump is going to kick those damn Canucks asses and make Canada Great Again too! You’re going to tell President Trump that because of this anti-Trump dating website there are now scores of “ethnically American” people living right over the border in Canada? This will be an excellent reason for President Trump to roll the greatest military the world has ever known right into Ontario and get ‘Merica a 51st state. USA! USA! USA! 

Would you sign up for Maple Match to flee Donald Trump’s America?

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