David Letterman Shamelessly Admits To Be Drunk On 'Sports Center'

David Letterman

The interviewer became the interviewee during a live “Sports Center” segment on Saturday. 

The 69-year-old former “Late Show” host and Indianapolis native David Letterman made an appearance live from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The IndyCar team that Letterman owns was competing in the Indy 500 race. 

Letterman started on with a pointless story about ice melting. Then, he got to the point. 

“We got drunk as you can get without killing yourself from alcohol poisoning.” Then he realized his tangent was going nowhere and he admitted, “By the way, I’m drunk now.” Barrie responded, “Good. We wouldn’t expect anything less.”

The audience behind the camera loved it. 

It seems that Letterman hasn’t shaved since he left late night TV. 

Letterman grew up about 20 miles away from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. He says he and a friend used to fill an old Samsonite piece of luggage full of beer because they didn’t have a cooler. Letterman brought his 12-year-old son, Harry with him to the place he used to get drunk at as a teenager. 

“When I got to be older, my buddies and I … the racing and the qualifying was secondary to the amount of beer we could drink. Then for that period of my life that was the true purpose of going to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, was to just see how much we could drink and not be arrested.”

People don’t change. 

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