Denis Villeneuve Is Directing The ‘Dune’ Reboot. Christ Almighty

Denis Villeneuve Dune


Denis Villeneuve is directing the Dune reboot. Like, I know I just said that, but I’m little mixed up because all the blood has rushed to my penis.

The Blade Runner 2049 director is in talks to helm the Dune reboot for Legendary. The production company picked up the film and television rights to Frank Herbert’s classic science-fiction novel last month.  Dune, which traverses themes of politics, religion and nature, follows Paul Atreides, whose family controls the desert planet Arrakis, which is the only producer of a highly valuable resource, spice melange. When Paul and his family are betrayed, he leads a rebellion to regain control of the desert planet.  David Lynch directed the 1984 adaptation of the 1965 novel. The $40 million film, which ultimately grossed $30 million and was a critical failure, has over the years become a cult favorite.

It helps when you have Roger Deakins, but Prisoners. Enemy. Sicario. Arrival. Denis Villeneuve has been dropping absolute fire since 2013 with movies that have one word titles. And Blade Runner 2049 already looks badass. Basically, the man knows what he’s doing. DC and Warner Bros. should give him a call once they figure how to make Zack Snyder’s death look like an accident. Also, calling it now: Jake Gyllenhaal will be playing Paul Atreides.

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