Doctor Strange 2 Brings Back Original Director Scott Derrickson

Doctor Strange 2 has finally gained some traction as director Scott Derrickson has signed on to helm the sequel. Marvel has yet to officially announce that the follow-up is happening, but the first movie’s success and the character’s growing popularity have all but assured that it’s an inevitability. And one of the key elements that helped to make the first movie such a success is going to be back at the helm to help make the Marvel Cinematic Universe weird and magical.

According to a new report, Scott Derrickson has quietly closed a deal to return for Doctor Strange 2. The studio will now try to find a writer to pen the screenplay for the sequel. The screenplay for the first movie was credited to Jon Spaihts, who penned an earlier draft, C. Robert Cargill and Derrickson. Cargill had also worked with Derrickson on his horror movie Sinister and the writer had teased previously that they had some plans cooked up for a Doctor Strange sequel, should they get the chance to return. So, it seems likely that Cargill would at least be considered for the job.

In any event, this is good news for fans of the Sorcerer Supreme. Aside from 2016’s Doctor Strange, which brought the character into the MCU, Benedict Cumberbatch has appeared as Stephen Strange in Thor: Ragnarok and, more recently, this summer’s Avengers: Infinity war. To that point, when last we left the hero in question, he was turned to a pile of dust by Thanos’ deadly finger snap. But then again, so was Tom Holland’s Peter Parker/Spider-Man and that didn’t stop Spider-Man: Far From Home from already being filmed. However it ends up being sorted out, several of those who were dusted by Thanos are surely going to be brought back in next year’s Avengers: Endgame.

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Marvel Studios is mostly keeping quiet in regards to their movie slate beyond Avengers: Endgame, as to avoid spoilers. What we know is that The Eternals, a Black Widow solo movie, Black Panther 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 are at various stages of development. We can now add Doctor Strange 2 to that growing list. As for when we could see the movie make its way to theaters? It sounds like it’s going to be a little while before Benedict Cumberbatch is back up to his sorcerer’s ways.

The hope is to have the script completed within 2019 so that the sequel can go into production in spring 2020. That means, should things continue as planned, Doctor Strange 2 will arrive in theaters in summer 2021. That means it will be nearly five years between the first movie and its sequel, which is a huge gap within the confines of the MCU. The report also notes that both Rachel McAdams, who played Christine Palmer, and Benedict Wong, who serves as the Master of the Mystic Arts and Strange’s partner, would both likely return. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as any further details on the project are made available. This news was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

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