Ed Skrein Dropped Out Of ‘Hellboy’ Because He’s White. That Happened.

Ed Skrein


Ed Skrein was in Deadpool, then he got cast in the Hellboy reboot as Major Ben Daimio. In the comic book that character is Asian. Ed Skrein isn’t Asian. This made people MAD ONLINE, so he dropped out of the movie and wrote this thing and posted it on Twitter.


Damn. It sucks that fictional characters have to be same race when people make a movies about them, because I was really looking forward to Idris Elba as James Bond and Lakeith Stanfield as The Joker. I can’t believe…wait, sorry…I just received word that the “fictional character” argument only works if the fictional character is white. If the fictional character is white, it can be played by anyone of any race. Sorry for the confusion there. I guess white actors can just move behind the camera and make all the decisions, because we all know that true diversity begins and ends with what’s on the display shelf. Good job, everyone!


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