Emilia Clarke Went Nude Again In Game Of Thrones For The Most Badass Reason

Serious Game of Thrones Spoilers AHEAD!

Emilia Clarke has famously said she would no longer do nudity after doing a profound amount of awesome and awe-inspiring nudity in her first couple of seasons on Game of Thrones. Totally understandable that as the actress becomes more famous, and more important to the plot of the show, she would use her bargaining chips to avoid being nude on screen. A bummer, we know, because the mother of dragons’ dragons made the show worth watching in the first place.

However that all changed last night.

emilia clarke game of thrones hotnessMother Of Hotness

Clarke once again got totally nude (mainly topless because that’s what you could REALLY see) for her fans which was the biggest surprise from last night’s episode. Not because they offered her more money and not because she needed a publicity boost, but because her character had just burned her rivals to death, emerging naked and unharmed from their firey graves to rule over their kingdoms.

There’s hot and then there’s this.

Fuck yes. When asked about the scene, Emilia replied “this is all me, all proud, all strong. That ain’t no body double.”

Hopefully this is not the last we see of Emilia Clarke kicking ass and taking names in the buff. Oh and sorry about he censored image, folks. You can see Emilia’s topless scene from last night’s episode HERE.

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