Emily Ratajkowski Had A Different Contract For The ‘I Feel Pretty’ Premiere

Emily Ratajkowski


Emily Ratajkowski is also in the Amy Schumer movie, I Feel Pretty (which opens in two days and the critics embargo hasn’t been lifted yet), and Schumer is doing all she can to shit on anybody who has the audacity to believe that a movie about a woman getting self-esteem because of brain damage is “projecting.” You can always count on Amy! But enough of that. Like I was saying, Emily Ratajkowski attended the premiere, and as you can see, she wasn’t the “Emily Ratajkowski showing up at an event” like we’re all used to seeing (lawd). Let’s see if we can spot the difference. Not sure what Amy Schumer demanded to be in Ratajkowski’s promotional contract, but Ratajkowski even had to publicly whip herself for being hot. We won’t do that here.


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