Emily Ratajkowski’s Friend Says She’s “Starting To Come Across As Desperate”

Emily Ratajkowski

Let’s be clear here. Emily Ratajkowski goes to events she really has no business going a lot. She randomly gets naked a lot. Like a lot. No, I’m serious, she does it a lot. She takes topless selfies with Kim Kardashian. She wants to distance herself from the thing that made her famous. According to Star, that makes her friends jealous. 

A friend of Emily Ratajkowski reveals to Star that ever since her minor role in Gone Girl, the model has been trying to barge her way into Hollywood’s inner circles. “Emily goes to every opening and party – she’s out all day and night,” says a source. “Becoming more famous is all she cares about, and the only time you ever hear from her is if she wants a favor.” But A-listers can smell a stage-5 clinger a mile away. “She needs to be careful because she’s starting to rub her serious contacts the wrong way,” warns the spy, who reveals that Emily’s topless selfie with Kim Kardashian had less to do with promoting body positivity and more to do with promoting herself. “People saw right through it and called her out, but Emily doesn’t care. She believe a huge part of getting noticed, but her overexposure is starting to come across as desperate.”

I’ll go out on limb and say this really isn’t Emily Ratajkowski’s friend. Or maybe it is. You never really know with women. Either or, this friend probably has small titties. Ones like this always do. 

What rhymes with desperate?

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