Emily Sears Is Woke, Has A Message For The ‘Butt Hurt Trolls’

Emily Sears

It’s been a year for political hot takes, and I say go for it, because we all live here and we can whatever the hell we want about any topic because AMERICA. Although it’s good to point out that Twitter really isn’t part of America. It’s basically a remake of 1984 where the Thought Police are people who @ you then tried to get you fired for having a different opinion that them. I guess the irony is lost on the people who say their anti-fascists or whatever. It’s cool. Anyway, Emily Sears has a political hot take which I’m sure will lead to reasonable and nuanced discourse in her Instagram comments. Emily Sears is also very attractive, so maybe some dudes and chicks will pretend to agree with her.


Speaking of “butt hurt”, I’d very much like to inflict sexy damage on Emily Sears’ butt, because good lord son.


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