Field Expedient Quenches Your Thirst for a Soldering Station

In the category of first world problems, it seems that these days no one is happy with just a plain old soldering iron. Today, everyone wants a station with bells, whistles, and features. If all you have is the iron, take heart. Grab a soda, drink it, and then duplicate [Kalvin178’s] makeshift solder station.

The idea is simple: cut or tear a soda can and press in the sides to make a V-shaped holder for the iron. A smaller part of the can might hold a wet paper towel, a sponge, or some copper scrubbing pads to clean your tip.

We tried to think about using a lollipop stick to hold your solder, but we didn’t come up with anything sufficiently clever. Some cheap reading glasses might serve for magnification and a dollar store USB or battery fan could blow fumes.

We’ve seen clothes pins used for helping hands. We’ve also seen people make quick and dirty iron holders out of stiff wire.

If you really want to make your own big-time station, you can. If that’s not hackish enough for you, then you can always strap on a thermocouple.

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