Government Approves 'ReAnima Project' To Re-Animate The Dead, Bring End Times

It was announced this week that a biotechnology company called Bioquark from the United States has been given the ethical permission from the Institution Review Board to perform experiments on 20 brain dead patients.

The project named “ReAnima” will attempt to stimulate the nervous systems of these patients who are only kept alive via life support machines, in order to essentially bring them back from the dead. They hope to achieve this by injecting the brain with stem cells and giving spinal cord infusions with needed chemicals and other nerve stimulating techniques that may be aided by a specialized medical lab assistant.

If the tests work it could bring about a modern medical miracle reviving patients once thought gone. The scientists are not sure how successful the experiment will be. However, the thing we should be more concerned about is what type of horror movie scenario is going to unfold; will it be a Frankenstein situation?

Or more of a Flatliners situation?

While the Bioquark team, headed by neurologist Dr. Calixto Machdo will be working in India next year to test a number of therapies on brain dead patients, there is one important question they must answer. If these people are “brain dead” and doctors attempt to bring them back- what if “something comes back with them?”

The scientists, who have apparently never watched a single horror movie in their entire lives, seem hell bent on bringing about the end times. The ReAnima experiments may usher in a biblical apocalypse by accidently opening a portal to the afterworld which will invite hell demons to inhabit undead human hosts just like in the 2015 flick, The Lazarus Effect.

The scientists, who should really put down a book and Netflix and chill with a viewing of Re-Animator,  are going to be giving the brain dead mixtures of peptides, the chemicals in the brain that act as neurotransmitters. This is exactly what happened in Re-Animator, where the dead were injected with chemicals and bam: turned into ZOMBIES.

The trials begin next year at Anupam Hospital in Rudrapur, India where researchers hope to study their brain activity over several months. This will hopefully result in some signs of neurological reactivation in the upper spinal cord region and not as you would imagine a Resident Evil situation where hoards of the undead are unleashed on the planet and we must fight the evil Bioquark Corporation who created the ReAnima experiment. Either way you have time to prepare now.

Or, there is an off chance we would get a Stephen King’s Dead Zone scenario where Christopher Walken awakens from a five year coma and gets psychic powers… that drive him to insanity.

Personally I’m hoping for a Bride of Frankenstein scenario; be honest, yes or no?

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