Gulls Night Out: England Under Siege From Drunk Birds

Photo: hardeko [Getty Images]

Drinking and driving is a very serious problem, but what about drinking and flying? It’s not often those two are associated, but it has become quite the issue in Southwest England after the local Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals became inundated with phone calls regarding what appear to be drunk birds around town.

Seagulls have been spotted struggling to fly, often tripping over their own two feet while vomiting and “reeking of beer” according to Sky News.

“The birds appear disoriented and confused and struggle to stand,” explained RSPCA vet David Couper. “We took some video of one of the birds who is staggering around and losing his balance just like a person would if they’d had too much to drink.”

The animals reportedly ingested so much booze, the RSPCA rescue van was said to smell like ‘a pub’.

So why the sudden influx of intoxicated birds? The RSPCA has a few theories, one of which includes partygoers on local beaches leaving alcohol behind, though that appears to be a stretch. More likely, the animals have been feeding on local brewery waste in the English counties of Devon and Dorset.

Dozens of the intoxicated seagulls have been brought to local veterinarians and RSPCA offices in need of help, but most are making full recoveries after their hard partying ways.

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