Guy Cheats On Wife By Banging Her MOM, Mom Hatches Stupid Murder Plot As Revenge

Karma may not exist for everyone, but when it comes to cheaters there seems to be an exception. Whenever someone gets cheated ON, generally it goes pretty well if that person tries to take revenge on their new ex – but if the mistress gets pissed? Nah, Karma won’t let her do shit, especially if the mistress knew she was already a side chick. Kind of like what happened with 58-year-old Kathleen Davis and her daughter, Hannah.

You see, Kathleen was banging Hannah’s husband, Michael. You’re probably wondering how hot Kathleen is that Michael would cheat on Hannah just to get a slice of that pie…

…and the answer is, “not very.” As you can see, at best Kathleen is a Laura Dern type of hot. Like if she dressed up as a paleontologist and chased around dinosaurs for 90 minutes while getting hit on sporadically by Jeff Goldblum, then I’d say she’s hot. And don’t even try to tell me Laura Dern wasn’t hot in Jurassic Park.

I’d do that, you’d do that, hell even your dementia-addled grandpa would slap that ass and then play like he was having an episode.

…but back to Kathleen. After Michael finally told his wife that he’d been sleeping with her mom, Kathleen got real pissed because it had “damaged” her relationship with her daughter. Talk about burying the lede here – “It’s YOUR fault my daughter hates me  because YOU WOULDN’T STOP SLEEPING WITH ME.” You know those parents where everything is your fault and nothing is theirs? Kathleen seems like a real bitch to have grown up with.

The situation escalated one night, however, when Michael heard “banging” noises from inside his house and opened the front door to find Kathleen throwing eggs at his house and car. Coming to terms with the fact that she’s a grown woman and not a mischievous child on Halloween, Kathleen then hopped into her Mercedes and “repeatedly attempted to run Michael down,” one police report stated:

“I observed Sciarra actively running in different direction in an attempt to avoid the vehicle being driven by Davis.

“The vehicle came to a stop upon observing my patrol vehicle, and Davis was detained due to her actions.

“It should be noted while I was detaining Davis, she spontaneously stated something to the fact of “I threw eggs at his car and I wanted to run him over.”

Shortly after, Kathleen was arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. No court date has yet been set, though Michael did note that he “feared for his life” and intends to press charges.

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