Hackaday Prize Entry: Glow In The Dark Plotting

We like big displays, whether they’re gigantic LED displays, CNC whiteboards, or a gigantic laser projectors. For his Hackaday Prize entry, [nilo] has come up with an easy way to create a huge graphical display. It might only work at night, but the Glowboard Plotter is still really cool.

[nilo]’s display is simply a very large glow in the dark sheet wrapped around two rollers, controlled by a stepper motor. By running the motor, the blank glow in the dark sheet slowly scrolls across.

To add some color to this display, [nilo] fixed 64 UV LEDs to one end of the display. By lighting these LEDs up at specific intervals and specific intensities, a ghostly green glowboard image appears across this display. Is it useful? About as much as any other gigantic LED matrix. Is it cool? About as much as any other gigantic LED matrix.

Right now, [nilo] is working on mk. 2 of the Glowboard Plotter, upgrading the control system and increasing the number of UV LEDs to 128. It may seem useless, but it’s still very cool and an excellent entry into the Anything Goes portion of this year’s Hackaday Prize.





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