Henry Cavill Dumped His Teenage Girlfriend

Henry Cavill

Probably after seeing Captain America: Civil War crush that one movie he was in by almost $100M in two weeks, Henry Cavill dumped his college chick girlfriend, Tara King, to hopefully have more time for acting classes. She was a college chick dating Superman, so obviously she’s upset. 

…sources close to the pretty blonde told us she is devastated by the sudden break-up. Tara told friends she thought the Man of Steel actor, who turned 33 earlier this month, was “the love of her life”. 

Wait, “the love of your life”? You’re 19. That’s how it starts, ma’am. The fever, the new DMs, the feeling of being pressured into commitment that turns good men… SAVAGE AF

“Henry said the two of them could stay friends and he even invited her to his recent birthday party, which she did go to.

GOOD GOD, MAN. In lieu of flowers for their memorial, the citizens of Metropolis ask that you donate to Tara King after she inevitably attempts to cut her own bangs. 

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