Here Are 10 Firsts, From Arrests To Songs To Usage, In Weed History

In honor of 4/20 becoming a bigger holiday each year, we have compiled some highlights (yes, that’s a cheap pun but what the heck) of some firsts in weed history. So grab a slurpee, crank up some Bob Marley, and enjoy these somewhat random but likely interesting nuggets of information.

1. First Recorded Usage as Medicine

shen neng

You may not know the name of Emperor Shen Neng of China, but his usage of cannabis for medicinal purposes was the first ever recorded way back in 2737 B.C., which makes him even older than Tommy Chong.

2. First Hash Oil


Although people had been using hashish for centuries, it wasn’t until 1967 that hash oil was first made. It  was called Smash, and although it didn’t really catch on in a big way for decades, vape users are forever grateful.

3. First U.S. Criminalization

tom jerry

In 1937, the Marijuana Tax Act criminalized the drug on a national level for the first time, although certain states had started banning it as early as 1915. This came despite testimony from a leading Dr. from the AMA that “The American Medical Association knows of no evidence that marijuana is a dangerous drug” and  “that future investigation may show that there are substantial medical uses for Cannabis.”

4. First Celebrity Arrested for Weed


In 1948, legendary actor Robert Mitchum was arrested during a stakeout in California. Considering the era, the fact that it didn’t ruin his career is remarkable.

5. First Public Dispensary

In 1992, the San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club opened, following on the prior year’s passage of Proposition P in California – the first state to allow medicinal usage.

6. First True Stoner Movie

Although many movies had shown marijuana usage, the world had never seen anything quite like Cheech and Chong’s 1978 classic Up in Smoke. Their records and comedy tours had already proven there was a big demand for such material, but this brought it to even a larger mainstream audience. Plus, it proved that smoking dog shit could be very, very funny.

7. First Vaporizer

The first vaporizer was invented by Eagle Bill Amato in 1994. It was called the Shake and Vape and relies on a flame to light underneath the glass bowl.  Although countless more sophisticated models now exist, you can still buy the original.

8. First Popular Song About Weed

Although there are no lyrics, Louie Armstrong’s 1929 “Muggles” is considered the first recorded song to reference the drug, as Muggles was what hip jazz cats referred to marijuana as. Yes, we said hip jazz cats. So, try to control your chortles next time someone talks about Harry Potter.

9. First Legalization for Recreational Use


In 2012, both Colorado and Washington passed laws allowing for recreational use.  Somewhere, Willie Nelson and Snoop lit a fatty to celebrate.

10. First Bob Marley Song

In 1961, young Rasta Bob hit the recording studio for the first time to lay down “Judge Not.” Although it wasn’t a hit, you can still hear the beginnings of the sound that was to help shape the culture even then.

So, now that you’ve learned so many facts, feel free to expand your mind even further in whatever way you so choose.


Source: Advanced Holistic Health


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