Hollywood Sexual Assault Documentary Coming from Hunting Ground Directors

Directors Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering, who previously directed the college sexual assault documentary The Hunting Ground, are teaming up again for a project currently known as the Hollywood Sexual Assault Documentary, which will delve into the rampant sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein and many others that have come to light in recent weeks. Here’s what Kirby Dick had to say about the documentary in a statement.

“Documentaries, more than any other medium, bring an intensely moving investigative lens to controversial subject matter. What our film will capture, especially at this pivotal turning point in Hollywood history, is the underlying current of abuse and manipulation at the hands of power. Our film will also underscore the courage it takes to come forward and be a catalyst for change.”

Director Amy Ziering revealed that this project has been in various stages of development for the past five years, when she was touring the country with her 2012 film The Invisible War, which she produced and Kirby Dick directed that investigated several cases of rape and sexual assault towards women in the U.S. Armed Forces system. That movie lead to The Hunting Ground, which follows the same type of behavior on college campuses throughout the country, but whenever they’d try to get this project off the ground, they couldn’t find many to come forward, but that all changed after the Harvey Weinstein allegations came to light, which lead to him being fired from his own company, The Weinstein Company, and being expelled from the MPAA. Here’s what Amy Ziering had to say in a statement.

“And every time we screened that film (The Invisible War) in Hollywood, actors and executives would come up to us and say that they had had similar experiences right here. So, we began working on this project and immediately found ourselves grappling with the same forces that had kept this story silenced for so long. Everyone was frightened about what would happen to their careers, and worried about whether they would be sued. Distributors were unwilling to fund or release the film, and few people were willing to talk on the record. (Now) it’s like an invisible dam collapsed. People at long last are speaking out in large numbers, and we feel this industry, and the country, is finally ready for an unflinching film about the reality of sexual assault and harassment in Hollywood.”

The Hunting Ground was actually distributed by a division of The Weinstein Company dubbed Radius-TWC, but shortly after the allegations against Harvey Weinstein came to light, the directors wrote a guest column for The Hollywood Reporter, asking for Harvey Weinstein to be expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which he was just two days later. The film will be financed by Impact Partners, which provided financial backing for The Hunting Ground, The Invisible War, The Cove, Hell and Back Again, Dina, Icarus, Step and The Queen of Versailles. The report from Variety offered no further details yet, but hopefully we’ll hear more soon.

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