Holy Sh*t, Reese's To Release Peanut Butter Cups Filled With Reese's Pieces

Whatever your stance is on many subjects, there’s one argument you can never win and that’s saying Reese’s peanut butter cups isn’t the greatest candy of all time…because it so fucking is. We can thank Harry Burnett Reese for inventing it but Reese’s clearly isn’t done with the old Reese’s model, which is why they’re combining two of their delicious candies into one; The Reese’s Pieces Cup.

Reese’s is calling this delicious monstrosity #CupFusion, because everything under the sun now has to have a hashtag, but that’s forgivable in this case because it really does look like the best thing in the world. We’re all fat kids on the inside so we might as well indulge while we’re still alive and leave the kale and hummus to the assholes.

Right now, Reese’s hasn’t made an “OFFICIAL” announcement yet but instead is teasing fans who already friggin’ love the idea with these cutesy cartoonish ads. They’ve even posted a poll onto their Twitter page asking if fans would be really down for some #CupFusion. And of course, it was a landslide.

0% hate the idea. Everyone else is on board.

Rumor has it Reese’s is planning on releasing this new product in July, but again, still no official word. Maybe it’s better to get people speculating because once it’s official, the talk is kind of over at that point. It’s a smart “watercooler” move on their part I must say. Until then, who’s ready to get this gloriousness in our mouths?!

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