How Big is Your Oscilloscope? One Inch?

We are anxious to see the finished product of [Mark Omo’s] entry into our one square inch project. It is a 20 megasample per second oscilloscope that fits the form factor and includes a tiny OLED screen. We will confess that we started thinking if you could use these as replacements for panel meters or find some other excuse for it to exist. We finally realized, though, that it might not be very practical but it is undeniably cool.

There are some mockup PCB layouts, but the design appears feasible. A PIC32MZ provides the horsepower. [Mark] plans to use an interleaved mode in the chip’s converters to get 20 megasamples per second and a bandwidth of 10 MHz. It appears he’ll use DMA to drive the OLED. In addition to the OLED and the PIC, there’s a termination network and a variable gain stage and that’s about it.

The tiny board won’t allow for a standard BNC, so the input is an SMA. We’ve seen that before on other tiny scopes. From the PCB mockups, it looks like there will be some buttons along the edges, too, so expect a user interface on the diminutive screen.

This is the second square inch contest we’ve had and if you want to enter, the deadline’s been extended, but not for much longer. There’s real money on the table, including $500 for the winner. Test equipment seems to be a popular theme, although if last time is any predictor, there are plenty of other options.

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