How To Make Your Instagram Captions Super Cheesy

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Instagram is one of the worst self-promotional tools the world has ever created. People have gone crazy with it, posting pictures of their pets, their food, and their faces. Since it’s unlikely that its popularity will decrease anytime soon, your only option if you want to be cool is to join them. This handy little guide will offer you a collection of the cheesiest and most effective Instagram captions you can use for your Internet rise to stardom. Prepare yourself for some good old clichés.

“God, I hate Mondays.”

If you’re looking for a way to be extremely cheesy with your Instagram captions in 2018, this is your best starting point. Sure, most people hate going to work on Mondays but how does this overused expression help? For some added pathetic points, you can combine this caption with your sad face in the office.

How to improve: Instead of showing your hate for this innocent day, how about you just share your love for the weekend that preceded it? Some good old pining for nightlife is always better than random, uncalled for hate.

“Not a bad view.”

Using obvious understatements to slyly promote yourself and your travelling habits is absolutely horrible. “Not a bad view” is one of those Instagram captions people use for photos taken on top of the Chrysler building, in the Bahamas, or at the North Pole. Pretending like it’s no big deal to seem cool is simply not cool.

How to improve: How about you just try to be honest? Simply tell it how it is! If the view is beautiful, acknowledge it and enjoy it like a regular person. There’s no need to rub it in.

“Good times, great people.”

People use this Instagram caption to remind their followers that they’ve got some great friends. At first glance, there’s nothing wrong with complimenting your friends, but sometimes it goes too far. It’s akin to those couples that kiss and snuggle in public too much. Most of the time, it’s overcompensation for an otherwise crappy relationship. In the same way, people who feel the need to tell others about how great their friends are must be having some problems.

How to improve: Quite simply: enjoy the friends you have privately. Tell them that you appreciate them and don’t just share your adventures on the web. Friendship is an intimate thing.

“I’ll just leave this here.”

When an Instagrammer uses up all of his clichés, he goes to the good old “I’ll just leave this here” caption that basically relays nothing. It is a poor man’s excuse for a caption. It is next-level laziness and anyone who uses it should be publicly ashamed.

How to improve: If you don’t have anything to say, just don’t say anything. It may seem like simplistic advice, but it should be added to the Instagram terms and conditions.

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