Interview: Maura Chappelle Puts The Girl In 'Boyband'


The web series is called Boyband, but if you’ve been following along you know that the girls are in the house. That includes the fantastic Maura Chappelle, who not only was part of the show’s hard-working crew and responsible for helping out with those catchy songs, but then turned up this season as part of the girlband that made their debut in episode 10.

How did she go from behind the scenes to in front of the camera? We found out that and more in our recent interview with Maura.

She didn’t expect to be on the show at all when she started. “The first season I was just involved with the music,” she explained. “Then in the second season my mom [director and producer Colleen Griffen] wanted to incorporate a girlband to bring in some competition. Then I came onto the show!”

We can thank Maura as one of the cadre of folks responsible for creating the music of Boyband, which manages to capture the adorable cheeziness of every 90’s boyband that ever existed. How did they pull that off?

“It’s definitely a collaborative process,” she explained. “For a lot of the songs the initial idea my mom would come to me and be like we want a song. A lot were songs written into the script and she gave me the idea, and then I made the song based on what she had given me.

“Like for ‘Howl’ in the first season, it is literally just the boys howling at the top of their lungs and they sound like dogs. She asked us to make it an actual song. So we worked on that for a couple of days and came up with ‘Howl’, which actually has lyrics and melody.

“‘Got My Girlfriend,’ which is the girlband song, I worked on that with my friend Lucy who is also a personal assistant [on the show] and in ‘Girlband.’ She had a very similar role in the process. Tim Jones, who plays Marcus Black, he helps me too.”

“It’s interesting because I do not listen to anything boy band related or anything really poppy either,” Maura laughed. “I am very alternative, electronic, funk, indie – I like really sad and slow music. So you can definitely tell it’s a different kind of style!”

Some people would say that working with family would drive them crazy, but for Maura and her family that’s definitely not the case. Boyband is a real team effort with the entire clan pitching in and everyone truly collaborating to get the best finished product. It’s a real-life warm and fuzzy success story.

“I loved it,” enthused Maura. “Especially as a PA which is something out of my comfort zone, it was really nice having a family backboard there to spring off of. It was easier for me to be comfortable and more willing to do things. Now I’m more confident than if I’d been with people I don’t know and never worked with.

“I feel like I have a better footing and more understanding of what is exactly going on. And I felt it was great because I could ask questions shamelessly and not care like if they were like, wow she doesn’t know that?

“We had family in every department,” she continued. “Matt was an actor, my mom was the producer, my cousin Katie was script supervisor, and Jake was the grip. I also knew a bunch of the people already that were on set. A bunch of people were family friends, parents of kids that I went to school with. The whole crew was a family. It really was an awesome experience. Totally spoiled.”

Unlike some other members of the team, Maura is actually considering a career in music whenever Boyband concludes (and hopefully that won’t be for awhile). “I think music is the dream, or being in a band,” she said. “It sounds like an incredible experience.

“But my entire family is in film and I really did enjoy that aspect of it too. I think that would be a really cool thing to consider,” she concluded. “I think for sure [I’ll choose] something in the creative field. I can’t imagine not working with people.”

And we can’t imagine her not having a bright future in the entertainment world. From cast to crew and the combination of both, Boyband features a wonderful roster of talent and engaging personalities that you can’t help but fall in love with. Both on and off the screen, this is a web series that will win you over.

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