‘IT’ Made A Lot Of Money



After being relentless hyped for over year, it’s probably just a coincidence that IT made a lot of money by combining a well-known intellectual property and the 80s movie nostalgia that’s so hot right now. I can’t believe how they did it. Probably just a fluke.

The movie, based on Stephen King’s novel, shattered numerous records and set a new bar for horror films in opening to $123.1 million in North America and $185 million globally, by far the biggest launch ever for the genre.

My review of IT? It was aight. They turned Mike (the black kid) from the kid with the brains who figures out everything about IT into the black kid with the gun he doesn’t even get to shoot. But since there’s a black kid onscreen, this will be championed as “diversity”. They turned Beverly from the only kid in the group who can shoot a slingshot worth a shit into the chick who needs to be kissed to saved. They killed off the main villain from the second part of the book. The movie had a lot of LOUD NOISES and MUSIC CUES to let me know when I was supposed to be scared. I probably wouldn’t have known otherwise. Congrats?


Alexander Skarsgard is the greatest brother/hype man of all time:


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