Johnny Depp Was A Drunk Asshole Outside A Denmark Bar Last Night

Johnny Depp

Apparently we’ve been giving Johnny Depp‘s PR team too much credit, because when your client is allegedly a violent, drunk asshole, it helps when he’s not photographed being a violent, drunk asshole. Like he was at a concert after-party in Denmark last night. 

The star, 52, allegedly had a tense moment with a bodyguard who was trying to persuade him to go back inside the hotel bar at around 2.30am at the concert after-party in Denmark. But Depp seemed more interested in ‘drinking and smoking a lot’ with the blonde woman, according to observers. ‘Johnny was in a party mood that’s for sure,’ said one observer.

Now, the headline of this Daily Mail article implies Depp and his bodyguard got into “a row”. I thought “a row” and “a fight” meant the same thing. Maybe not.

‘His bodyguard had his hand on his shoulder and was trying to get him to go back inside, but Johnny refused to go.’….’More and more fans came up to him and he wanted to talk to all of them and take selfies with them. ‘And the bodyguard got more and more persistent but Johnny didn’t want to go. He was in a mood to celebrate for sure. ‘And he definitely drank his fair share of alcohol.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that was a row/fight, but I’d definitely say that Johnny Depp is a violent, unhinged drunk, who likes to show people close to him who’s boss when he’s a few champagne bottles deep. Coincidentally, exactly the way Amber Heard described him. You could even make the case that she only mentioned the drug and alcohol problem to give Depp a second chance to avoid media scrutiny by taking his drunk ass to rehab before shit got real. It’s so real right now, that Amber Heard has given E! screenshots of 2014 texts messages from Depp’s supposed assistant, Stephen Deuters. Fair warning, he wasn’t texting Amber to apologize for the all the times Johnny pissed on the toilet seat. He was apologizing for all the times Depp beat her like she was a stray dog. Should I have immediately believed her? Maybe. I also immediately believed this when it happened. I also once believed that Noah fit two of every species on a boat. A wood boat. Are with you fucking with me, grandma? Live and learn, my friends. 

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