‘Justice League’ Is 121 Minutes Long

Justice League


In what might be the greatest DC news I’ve ever read, Justice League has an official runtime of two hours and one minute. Take it away, Manabyte!

Yesterday I posted how a reliable source let me know that theaters were informed this week, by Warner Brothers, that the final runtime for Justice League was 121mins (or 2 hours, 1 minute). After a day full of harassment from toxic fans who didn’t want to believe the movie wasn’t three hours long, I’ve received more confirmation that the runtime is in fact 121 min.

He then confirmed it. Of course, since DC is very smart and has their finger on the pulse of how to make truly great superhero movies, you really want your shortest movie to date to be the one where you introduce three new characters and another villain. I know, I know, these characters were introduced in an email attachment lol I forgot.

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