Justin Bieber Was Walking Around Boston Barefoot, Is Doing Super Great

Justin Bieber

As a fellow human, you really don’t want every horrible thing in the world to happen to Justin Bieber, but he kinda makes it easy with all the stupid shit he does (banner pic included, also LOL ). Selena Gomez has long been tired of his ass, so I guess he has to take comfort in the land of assholes: Boston. 

Days after the 22-year-old inked a tiny cross by the corner of his eye, the pop punk was spotted wandering around Boston barefoot on Monday. Dressed in a black hoodie and black pants, Bieber plugged in his earbuds and kept ahold of his smartphone as he strolled the streets before he perched himself on the grass of a local park. While Bieber seemed unfazed by the frenzy of fans who attempted to get a snap of the star, the “Sorry” singer has larger issues looming.

I don’t know why Justin Bieber’s people haven’t set up a meeting with Britney Spears and her translator yet, but eventually the meltdown is gonna happen. And we’ll all be here to see it. I just hope it dosn’t happen in Boston. Place is a shit hole filled with dudes in backwards Red Sox hats and fat chicks in all black. They’re pretty much the only people who run on Dunkin’ Donuts. Bieber also looks like the poster for a documentary about violence against LBGT people. He definitely doesn’t want to stay in one spot in Boston for too long. Somebody let him know. Or don’t. I’d be fine either way. 

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