Kangaroo Runs Onto Soccer Pitch, Decides To Play Goalie

Kangaroo in a goal keepers net on South Stradbroke Island in Queensland. Photo: OZBEACHES (Getty)

The Australian national football team hasn’t had the best of success during recent World Cups, as the Socceroos haven’t been able to advance to the Round of 16 since 2006. Much of that can be attributed to questionable goalkeeper play, so perhaps a change is in order.

Might we recommend this kangaroo goalie? He recently delayed a match between the Blue Devils FC and Canberra FC by running on the pitch to play stopper.

The oddity took place during the second half of Sunday’s game, when a kangaroo made its way out of the parking lot and ran across the field during play. Players quickly noticed the trespasser and the game was briefly paused. Sadly, this only gave the ‘roo adequete time to test out his goalkeeping skills.

Players could be seen softly kicking the ball towards the kangaroo as it laid down in front of the goal.

Eventually, the soccer loving kangaroo did find his way off the field, but apparently had a little too much fun and decided to return a few minutes later, causing yet another delay.

Needless to say, we’re pretty confident the Socceroos could use this guy during their future World Cup matches.

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