Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumors Debunked, Duchess Not Having Twins (Still)

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton’s daughter, Princess Charlotte, will be turning one in May, but that doesn’t mean that the Duchess couldn’t be pregnant with her third child. It’s something that the tabloids have been publishing over and over again… but the truth is that the Duchess of Cambridge is not pregnant!

According to Gossip Cop, the latest batch of rumors that have Kate and Prince William expecting twins are false… again… or still.

“This is all a lie. Or more lies, we should say. Middleton is not pregnant, let alone expecting twins. The repeatedly discredited tabloid is merely continuing its false saga, trying to dupe readers into thinking the outlet has inside information,” reports Gossip Cop.

Kate Middleton and her husband were in Indian and Bhutan last week on royal duties. Gossip Cop points outs that Kate likely wouldn’t have been traveling if she was pregnant — and she wouldn’t have gone on a “five-hour hike” either. Don’t forget, Kate has gotten very sick during the first trimester of both of her pregnancies.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge haven’t said whether or not they would like to have another child, but they have said that they are content with their two — and they certainly have their hands full.

Do you think they will add to their royal brood?

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