Kick Up The Cajun Factor This Thanksgiving With Popeyes’ Turkey

by Gennefer Gross

Photo: skynesher (Getty Images)

Popeyes is probably not the first place you think of when it comes to purchasing a Thanksgiving meal, but the company wants to change that by bringing back its whole Cajun turkeys for the holidays. Seasoned with Louisiana spices, slow-roasted, and (like any self-respecting Southern establishment) deep-fried for maximum artery-clogging, these festive fowls are currently available for pre-order at participating locations.

We all know Popeyes has zesty fried chicken on lock (it’s okay to admit you like it), so it’s a safe assumption that they’d know their way around other forms of poultry as well. Given how gamey traditional turkeys can be, the butter brine and slow-roasting before being flash-fried locks in the juices to keep the meat moist and loaded with intense flavors that would warrant a fist bump from Guy Fieri.

When you think of all the time and effort that goes into cooking your own turkey, Popeyes may not be a bad option. It’s fully cooked, so all you need to do is heat it up for about 90 minutes. And starting at $39.99 for a 10- to 14-pound bird, it’s also a cost-effective option for feeding a crowd this Thanksgiving.

You may not have that nostalgic smell of rosemary wafting through the house with one of these turkeys in your oven, but pick up a pint of red-eye gravy, add some andouille sausage to your stuffing, whip up a pitcher of spiked sweet tea, and go full-on Creole this year. Giddy up!

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