LeBron James Trolls The Rock On Instagram And The Rock’s Response Is 10/10

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the few celebrities who you’d want to sit down and grab a beer with. Also on that list: LeBron James, Tom Hanks, Hugh Jackman and John Cena. Not on that list: Gary Busey, Gwyneth Paltrow and literally any one of the 6,000 Olsen Twins that keep popping up in Hollywood. The point is, while he may be a basketball superstar worth millions, LeBron seems like the type of guy who keeps it real.

Case in point? The quick Instagram trolling he did to The Rock:

In the event anyone doesn’t remember, LeBron is talking about that infamous fanny pack photo of The Rock that went viral a few years back; See the resemblance?

Now, The Rock isn’t the type to respond back with an insult of his own – if this dude were a disease he’d be HIV because he always keeps it positive. And this case was no exception, as he goes on to talk about how he used to buy stolen cars from crackheads. Fun!

 “My response to @kingjames since he now knows I possess a Hot Tub Time Machine.

Man I was patiently waiting for you to finish shopping because WE GOTTA GO BACK TO HIGH SCHOOL in my time machine. First we go back to St Vincent High in Akron so I can watch you be a bad ass as arguably the greatest high school prospect of all time – loved and adored by everyone.

Then we go back to McGavok High in Nashville (when I was 15 we moved from Hawaii to Nashville) where I was hanging out in dive bars and buying stolen cars from crackheads. True story. I had no friends in high school because all the kids thought I was an undercover cop and didn’t talk to me, because I looked like I was 47yrs old. Another true story.

Together we go back to our high schools so you can enjoy the best time of your life and then we go back to my high school so I can stay outta dive bars and just find one good friend.

I will continue to stand outside here waiting for you in my cool, all black outfit with wearing my chains til you’re done shopping. ~ High School Rock”

Truth be told, I don’t believe The Rock was ever child-sized. Dude was definitely a 25-pound baby when he popped out and instantly grew to 6’0” and 185 overnight, sort of like Benjamin Button on human growth hormone, protein shakes and botox to keep the wrinkles from giving him away.

No wonder the other kids thought he was a narc. 

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