Lena Dunham Needs A Safe Space After Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ Video

Lena Dunham

Hey, remember when Lena Dunham heard Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean?” once and immediately thought it was about date rape? That was fun. Get ready for some more fun, because she’s now using her tenth wave feminism degree from Tumblr to write about dissertation the dangers of the “disturbing”  Kanye West “Famous” video.  Man, Taylor Swift must pay by the word. 

Jesus. A music video inspired by the 2008 painting, “Sleep”, is a slippery slope that will lead to Facebook Live snuff films and a referendum for a Purge where men can Brock Turner women after they fall asleep in their beds after The Bachelorette? Shut the fuck up. Seriously. Just shut the fuck up. I can’t watch a Girls episode without seeing somebody naked, but I guess that’s ok because they’re awake and not in general proximity of a black guy. I understand your level of feminism only extends to the rich, white chicks you hang out with since your only lesson in diversity growing up in wealthy New York City and Connecticut was episodes of The Magic School Bus and your Darrin’s Dance Grooves DVDs, so let’s pretend Kanye is advocating rape when you’re just pissed your friend makes a cameo as a Real Doll. Your friend who is only seen in pictures with you so she can check off a box. As a feminist, I’m body positive that you don’t allow men to explain your art to you, so it might be best if you don’t explain a man’s. Just lean in. The cashier at In-N-Out is having trouble hearing you. 

Here’s some Mara Teigen (no relation) pics I had downloaded, because I don’t get paid to download more than one Lena Dunham a month. 

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