Let There Be Light Rings!

[Brandon Rice] is at it again — this time to level-up your photography and video production skills with a diffused light ring.

Inspired into creating more video content, he wanted to forgo the price tag associated with consumer lighting rigs. A 19″ diameter ring fit his requirements, but since the only laser cutter he had access to was limited to 12″x14″, he was forced to assemble it in pieces. As he screwed it together, he hid the M6 screws by pointing them ‘forwards,’ to be hidden underneath the diffusing vellum material. Liberal application of hot glue has kept the arched vellum and the LED strips in place with only a nominal number of burned fingers.

[Rice] adds that the electronics were probably the easiest part of the project, involving a battery switch and a simple lamp circuit, hiding it behind another slice of laser-cut wood. A quick flick of the switch, and he’s in director mode.

Outside of videography, there are plenty of precision applications for light rings, from light right where you need it most during your next build, to a more mobile application of a lighting setup.

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