Luke Perry Suffers Stroke Same Day As ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ Reboot Announcement

Photo: Peter Carrette Archive (Getty Images)

For ’90s nostalgia junkies who have pined for years awaiting a reboot of the only show that truly deserves one, Beverly Hills 90210, we have some good news and some bad news.

The exact same day after Fox announced the “90210” reboot, set for a summer meta-dramedy in which original cast departs from their original characters, it was also announced early the next day that the series most valuable player and current Riverdale Hot Dads co-captain, Luke Perry, suffered a stroke and was rushed to the hospital in Los Angeles.

Perry’s neighborly 90210 castmates offered their heartfelt support, including cancer survivor, Shannen Doherty. While Doherty and Perry were the only two original cast members not signed up for the series reboot (Perry still on contract with Riverdale and Doherty the outcast castmate), we’re still holding out for a Brenda/Dylan reunion. It is what made the show after all.

Let’s just hope the two events aren’t connected. Get well soon, big guy.

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