Married Teacher Adopts Student ‘So She Can Have Sex With Him Nearly Every Day’

Meet 43-year-old Rayna Culver.

Rayna may look like Humpty Dumpty gone wild at the makeup counter in Macy’s, but we’re not here to talk about her failed attempts at wearing blue eyeshadow: nope, today we’re talking about how she reportedly adopted a 15-year-old student so she’d have an in-home sex slave. A dildo would’ve been much cheaper, would’ve had less attitude and probably would’ve done a better job than some kid fresh out of sex ed who couldn’t put on a condom to save his life, but what do I know? I have standards. Rayna does not.

The unnamed student in question was reportedly one of her previous students from Rivera Middle School in Trenton, New Jersey. Both Rayna and the student were said to be “very close,” having been seen chatting often throughout the school year. However, things took a turn for the gross once Rayna invited the student to live with her after he was kicked out of his house in December 2015:

In early 2016, she became the boy’s legal guardian. The teen would later tell investigators he believed Culver opened her home to him expecting to eventually ‘make sex a part of their relationship,’ the court documents, first cited by The Trentonian, stated.

The student was quoted as telling police that his and Culver’s relationship turned sexual in June 2016, when one night she started to fondle him before bedtime, stripped off his clothes, then proceeded to perform oral sex on him and have intercourse with the boy.

Rayna and the student reportedly “would engage in sex often.” How often is “often?” Enough so that the boy felt like “if he told her to stop she would get mad and kick him out of the house,” court documents stated. That’s right – the poor kid had to bone this…

…in order to keep from being homeless. Most homeless men would jump at the chance, but for a 15-year-old? That’s way too heavy (intentional or unintentional fat joke? You tell me).

The poor kid even attempted to end their sexual relationship by texting Rayna that he was done being her warm bod with a stiff rod, however she allegedly “expressed a desire to carry on with the affair.” You know your life has taken a turn for the worse when you’re 43 and getting dumped by a freshman in high school – that’s like Caillou breaking up with Salma Hayek.

What a fucking sex tape that would be.

Despite the teen telling authorities that he and Rayna “had sex nearly every day over the course of several months” as well as text messages confirming his story, Rayna’s attorney called the allegations “completely fabricated and made up,” describing the student as “a troubled young man.”

Yeah, I’d be troubled too if I became an indentured dick servant to this:

Rayna was arrested on May 10th, but released after her initial court appearance under the condition that she have no contact with the student or anyone else under the age of 18. She was charged with second-degree sexual assault, as well as endangering the welfare of a child.

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[H/T Daily Mail]

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