Moment A Maid Pours Her Own URINE In Her Boss's Juice

“Hey this orange juice tastes like asparagus!” That is most likely what one home owner in the country of Kuwait was thinking when he received juice from his maid.  For Today In “Holy Crap That Is Disgusting” we see in the above video one of two house servants placing a cup under her robe and then pouring yellow contents into the juice. She piss bombed her boss!

No really, urine trouble.

The family had become suspicious of their two maids behavior recently and decided to do some investigation by setting up nanny cams in the kitchen to see exactly they were up to. It turns out one of them was giving her boss a little extra freshly squeezed “vitamin P.” The maid’s boss watched playback of the video and was reportedly super pissed.

Some people think drinking pee is healthy; the boss is not one of these people.

Reports were not sure if the maid was fired for her pee-pee problem, but it is safe to say she will not be delivering her boss anymore drinks.

I think everyone is being hard on the maid. Some people think a waterbed is fun. However I always wanted a bed made out of urine. That way if I piss myself in the middle of the night it won’t matter. The bed is already filled with urine. It just makes sense.

What is the worst thing you have ever made someone drink?

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